Incident Response is a process, not an isolated event

Incident Response

Nowadays there are plenty of companies that get attacked by hackers every single day. Not every company is completely organized against these kind of threats; many companies think: “why should they attack me?”.
Because they can, and when a company is not fully prepared getting back on track is not so easy without help from experts: we are those experts.

The impact of our work

We help you to get back on your feet in the fastest and most secure way. We fully understand that every minute our IT system is down is costing you a lot of money. For this reason our experts have developed a workflow that allows you to go back to your business as usual. The other main goal is to identify preventative measures to create new security policies to defend you against future attacks.

How we do that? Let’s look at the next section.

Steps of Incident Response

In order to provide you a quick remediation our experts will follow those steps:

Info Collection

To have a better understanding on what has happened to your infrastructure we collect every evidence from infected systems.

Control and Neutralization

In this critical stage we proceed on shutting down all the infected machines, wiping and rebuilding them. At the same time we start mitigating the threat if there are still requests coming in.

Post-Incident Activity

We reconstruct the story of the attack and provide you a detailed Incident Report that will help you avoid such security incidents in the future. On the other hand, if you are scared that your IT infrastructure has other possible entry points for hackers we can provide you a much more detailed Vulnerability Assessments through a Penetration Testing activity.