Virtualization for hackers

A container-based framework for Android emulation (and hacking)

Written by Angelo Delicato - 2 Sep 2021

Currently, there are 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world and this number is going to increase much more in the future; this situation poses a security risk for companies and people. Speaking about security, most of the companies around the world use Cyber Ranges to train their personnel, the problem is that current-generation Cyber […]

Using Docker Security Playground to create unserialize() Object Injection in Yet Another Stars Rating laboratory

Written by Gaetano Perrone - 14 Dec 2020

In previous post I’ve describe how it is possible to use Docker in order to setup a Docker environment to study Yet Another Stars Rating wordpress plugin Here I am going to show you how you can configure a vulnerable environment by using Docker Security Playground . Docker Security Playground installation Install DSP is […]

Leveraging Docker + VSCode to study web vulnerabilities

Written by Gaetano Perrone - 14 Dec 2020

Have you ever studied Docker? If you are a passionate about web hacking, study it! In this Post I am going to persuade you that using Docker to study web vulnerabilities is a good thing! If you want to understand more about this post, please follow Docker Documentation How do you find vulnerabilities? There are […]

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