Protect the Intellectual Property of your products against manipulation by attackers thanks to Reverse Engineering techniques

Malicious attacker could try to bypass licensing of your software in order to use them. We offer a Reverse Engineering service that allows companies to evaluate the security level of your software against cracking attacks. There are several illegal activities against companies that allow them to bypass licensing mechanisms. In this way, you can protect Intellectual Property of software.

Protect your code

Reverse Engineering

Our team uses the most advanced techniques and tools available on the market (e.g. IDA Pro and Ghidra), but through the sole use of commercial software on the generated binaries, it is not possible to directly analyze the application logic and data structures defined during development, such activities require additional skills possessed by hackers and a team of experts in the field.
In particular, the latter are able to verify the robustness of the software against reverse engineering techniques.


Cracking activity is a particular area of Reverse Engineering used by hackers to bypass authentication checks to gain access to software. Most commercial software use license codes or more advanced mechanisms to determine if a person has the rights to use software. Hackers attempt to crack the software by analyzing the machine code of a program running through analysis tools such as debugger; they try to identify the sections of code that verify the legitimacy of a user to use the application, and at this point they try to bypass authentication, possibly redirecting the code execution flow to make sure that any license code is valid. Another analysis done by hackers is on the algorithms used to validate a license code. If these have a well-defined structure, the hackers will be able to generate “keygen”, random generators of codes that the application will consider valid, thus guaranteeing access to the source code of the applications. To prevent these malicious activities, it would be advisable to have their applications tested by ethical hackers, which can assess the robustness of the software before it is cracked and before license codes begin to spread across the network.

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